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Condemnation of Hostage Crisis in Sydney

Panjtan Society of Victoria representing the Shia Muslims of Victoria condemns this criminal act unequivocally and reiterates that such actions are denounced in whole in Islam.

We have always worked on the assumption that we have to be united in preventing any terror attacks taking place on Australia Soil.

Our Shia Muslim community expresses their full support and solidarity with the victims and their families and aspire to a peaceful resolve to this crisis.

Panjtan Management Committee

Shia Qalma

"La'ilah illa Allah Mohammad-ur-Rassol-ullah Ali'un Wali'ullah Wa'wasi-ur-Rassol-ullah Wa'Khalifatahu Bila'fasl"





Safar Programs 2014

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Azadari at Panjtan Imambargah

On the shahadat of Bibi Sakina (as)

On the shahadat of Hazrat Qasim (as)


Taboot-e-Hazrat Ali Akbar (as)

Taboot-e-Hazrat Aoun o Muhammad (as)



Panjtan School End of Year Examination

Refurbishing of Ladies' Section at Panjtan Imambargah: Completed

Alhamdulillah, the refurbishing of the Ladies' section at the Panjtan Imambargah has now been completed. PSV Management Committee and PSV Ladies' Committee would like to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to all momineen and mominaat who volunteered their invaluable time and continuous efforts in achieving this successful outcome. Sincere thanks to those involved in the cleaning, painting, organising, re-decorating and the overall refurbishing of the Ladies' section. May Allah (swt) grant all the volunteers' hajaats and bless them for their efforts in this world and the hereafter. Ameen. Click here to see photos.

Panjtan School Excursion

Panjtan School took its students on an excursion to Scienceworks on the 28th of September 2014. For further details and pictures, please click here.


   Secretary@panjtan.org.au or SMS on 0412501408.

Infallible Wisdom

'The worst and gravest of sins is that which its perpetrator takes lightly.'

~ Imam Ali [pbuh]


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